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Choosing your wholesale CBD supplier Part 4

Whether you are just starting a brand or growing and existing brand good partners are key! Your wholesale CBD partner can be a vital part ofyour success or can sometimes be a huge problem. This series will focus on some of the important things to look for when choosing a wholesale CBD Supplier.

Can you visit the facility?

The Final step is to go visit their facility, now with smaller companies this may not be possible but if you are regularly purchasing wholesale CBD products every month you should be able to visit a CBD Extraction facility and see with your own eyes how they are producing CBD.

It will always be a red flag when producers do not want clients to visit. Most manufacturers are proud of the work they do and are eager to share their processes with their clients.

Big Sky Scientific is a CGMP, FDA registered facility and we recently received our Kosher certifications. Buying 1 kilo or 100 kilos our clients are always welcome to visit us in Sun River MT.

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