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Choosing your wholesale CBD supplier Part 3

Whether you are just starting a brand or growing and existing brand good partners are key! Your wholesale CBD partner can be a vital part ofyour success or can sometimes be a huge problem. This series will focus on some of the important things to look for when choosing a wholesale CBD Supplier.

Are they actually producing product or reselling?

There is a fairly wide practice of reselling product from other sources within the wholesale CBD industry. Having partner labs produce specialty products such as nano or water soluble that require expensive and specialized equipment is acceptable. But there are many CBD wholesalers that actually produce nothing and simply resell other products leaving the customer to pay a premium for middle men.

How is their customer service?

Get to know your sales rep, find a way to ask a ton of questions and see how quickly they get back to you. Test this via email, text and phone until you are satisfied that they are quick to respond.

At Big Sky Scientific we know exactly where our hemp comes from ( we grow most of it) and we can trace every batch. Our clients satisfaction is our number one priority because we know small businesses have enough to worry about.

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