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Summary of Process:

Big Sky Scientific owns and operates an industrial scale facility in Sun River, Montana. 

*Inventory Management*
Inventory management is crucial to our quality control processes.  Each lot of hemp can be tracked to its origin, original testing and state licensing. This follows into our end product where we can determine the exact source for your compliance and quality control processes.  
*Homogenizing or Milling*
To prepare for extracting CBD from our hemp, we then mill or grind the hemp into a uniform particle size. Grinding the hemp into small particles allows for our solvent to contact as much of the hemp surface area as possible.


We use a continuous-flow extraction method.  Or in simpler terms, we pour solvent through the hemp continually. During this process most of the CBD is dissolved into the liquid.   Hemp material is separated and run through a screw press to wring out the remaining CBD in its solvent.  


This process is typically referred to as winterization because it is performed under extremely cold temperatures. In this filtering stage, the fats, waxes and lipids are separated from the hemp extract.  


Plants containing cannabinoids such as CBD, begin with it in a different form. Its previous form is called CBDa. During decarboxylation, we use heat and pressure to change the CBDa into CBD. This is the exact same process we use to convert CBGa to CBG.  


During this phase we remove the solvent from the CBD oil.  The solvent is preserved, cleaned and recycled. This is both good for conservation, as well as allows us to provide CBD isolate at the best price possible.  


At this stage, our CBD oil contains a lot of terpenes that affect flavor and purity; those are separated during distillation. Once separated. The distillate comes out a golden amber color and now contains high levels of CBD to isolate.


The CBD oil is now mixed into another solvent and poured into jacketed reactors.  The CBD is then agitated to crystallize into pure CBD isolate.

*Isolate Recovery*

This mixture is then separated as the liquid is recovered and recycled and the CBD is moved along to dry in our vacuum oven.

*Solvent Removal*

We use a pressurized mixing vacuum oven to produce high volumes of CBD isolates.  This automated process ensures that solvents are removed from the final product.


Next, our product is measured into food grade receptacles.

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